2019 NH Last Cast Club Kids Fishing Event

When: June 1st (10am-2pm)

Where: Benson's Park (Hudson NH)

Who: Free for all kids ages 2-12

TOC Results from Lake Champlain and 2018 Season Champions

TOC 2nd Place Finishers Tim and Tom Dube


       2 Days (10 Fish)  38.84 lbs.

TOC Champions Steve Viger and Joe Gagnon


2 Days (10 Fish) 41.10 lbs.

TOC 3rd Place Finishers Pat McCarthy and Josh Klein


       2 Days (10 fish) 35.85 lbs.

2nd Place for the Season Pat McCarthy and Josh Klein


Season Total 85.43 Pounds

Season Champions Chris Ambrosino and Rich Metivier


Season Total 88.32 Pounds

3rd Place for the Season Chad Magoon and Dennis Rocheford


Season Total 78.35 pounds

2018 Season Records

Lunker Large 5.63 lbs. (Squam Lake)


Dan Greenwood and Bob Ryan

Big Bag 17.63 lbs. (Great East Lake)


Steve Viger and Joe Gagnon

Lunker Small 3.84 lbs. (Merrymeeting Lake)


Al DeLeo and Scott Doughty

About Us


Our Club

 The NH Last Cast Club is a non-profit organization established to preserve and promote the Sport of Bass Fishing, to practice and promote sound environmental policies to conserve our natural resources, to promote youth and public interest in sport fishing and conservation, to work for an abundant, healthy, and self-sustaining bass fishery; to act as an effective voice for the advancement of bass fisheries, to communicate effectively with organizations that have an impact on the sport of bass fishing, and to support local, state and national agencies and organizations whose objectives are to conserve and manage our national resources. 


Competitive, fun fishing

Being a part of our club offers you the opportuity to fish against some of the best bass fishermen in the state, have fun and learn!!  We also catch some big fish!!!


Who We Are

We are a team format club and have teams consisiting of father-son, lifelong friends, husband/wife, etc...

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